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Pleasant Title


Chicken Mulligatawny Soup. $9

Chicken, split peas, apples and coconut milk. (GF)

Vegetarian Samosa $3.50

Stuffed with potato, carrots and peas (V)

Dal Vada $10

Spiced lentil patties - 5pcs, (V, GF) 

Onion pakoras  $10

Onions battered with gram and rice flour. fried to crisp - 6pcs (V) (GF)

Paneer pakoras $10

Cubed panner cheese battered and fried with Gram flour and spices. (GF)

Tandoori chicken and cheddar dip $15

Served with fried naan wedges 

Masala chaat fries with signature garlic sauce $10

(GF) (V)

Samosa Chaat $14

Samosa, chickpeas, tamarind, raita, crispy onions 

Chicken wings $16

Seasoned and deep fried with our signature blend of spices, served with garlic sauce. (GF) (DF)

Appetizer Thali $25

3 pakoras, 3 dal vada, 3 chicken wings and 3 samosas


Served with complementary white rice

Available Mild, medium or hot.

Aloo Gobi $17

Potato and cauliflower medley in mild spices (V) (GF) 

Chana Masala $17

Chickpea curry in tomato and onion curry (V) (GF)

Dal Makhani  $18

Urad dal and kindney beans cooked with garam masala, cardamom and mild spices butter and cream (request vegan - made with coconut milk) (GF) 

Baigan Bharta $18 

Flame roasted eggplant cooked with turmeric, cumin and coriander (GF) (V)

Palak paneer $18

Paneer cheese cooked with spinach curry (GF) $18

Paneer Biryani $18

Paneer cheese cooked with aromatic biryani rice. Topped with crispy fried onions (GF) $18


(Served with complementary rice)

Available mild, medium or hot.

Chicken Madras $19

Coconut curry sauce (GF) (DF)

Chicken curry $19

Onion and tomato curry base (GF) (DF) 

Butter chicken $20

Onion and tomato curry with ghee and cream (GF) 

Chicken Biryani $19

Chicken cooked with aromatic biryani rice, yogurt and spices. Topped with crispy fried onions (GF)

Chicken Vindalo0 $19

 Tangy spiced tomato and onion gravy (GF) (DF) $19


Served with complementary rice

Available mild, medium or hot

Lamb Rogan Josh $22

Boneless lamb cooked in tomato, yogurt and ghee (GF)

Lamb Biryani $22

Boneless lamb cooked in yogurt, spices and aromatic biryani rice. Topped with crispy fried onions (GF)

Lamb Vindaloo $22

Tangy spiced tomato and onion curry. Topped with crispy fried onions. (GF) (DF)


Served with complementary rice

Available mild, medium or hot

Goan style pickerel curry $22 

Pickerel fillets seasoned and deep fried to crisp.

Served with mild coconut curry sauce with hints of tamarind. (GF) (DF) 

Shrimp curry $21

Black tiger shrimp cooked with onion, coconut and tomato curry (GF) (DF)

Mussels in coconut curry and white wine sauce $18

Served with grilled naan (rice substitute available)  (GF) (DF)

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