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Please specify if you are Gluten free, Dairy free or Vegan when placing orders. Thank you.




Dal (curried split pea soup) $8


Vegetable samosa with chutney $3.50 (1 pc)


Hummus (V) $14

Made fresh! Hummus with fried naan wedges (

Dal Vada (V, GF) $10

Spiced lentil fritters with chutney


Vegetable Pakoras (V, GF) $10

Mixed vegetables fried in gram flour with chutney


Paneer Pakoras (GF) $10

Indian style cottage cheese battered in gram flour


Eggplant Pakoras (V, GF) $10


Fish Pakoras $12 (GF, DF)


Masala chicken wings $15


Samosa or Pakora Chaat $12

Samosa or Pakora smashed and topped with chana masala, chutneys, crispy onions.


Pakora Thali $15


All lunch items come with small slaw - Add a side of fries for $3


Aloo masala / Curried potatoes with dosa $13 (GF, V)

A Dosa is a thin light wrap made with lentils and rice.


Beef Mak $15

6oz beef patty Dal Makhni, cheese, pickles, remoulade and lettuce.

Vada Pav / Almighty aloo $14 (V)

Big Aloo Tikki, garlic sauce, tomato chutney, pickled onions.

Fish pakora and fries $14 (GF)

Amritsari style fish pakoras and fries with remoulade.

Butter Chicken Poutine $14 (GF)

Fries, cheese curds, butter chicken, cilantro.

Korma Supreme Poutine $14 (GF, V)

Fries, Korma, garlic sauce, peppers, red onions and tomatoes.

Curried Chicken Salad $13 (GF)

Curried chicken, lettuce, mayo, celery and red onion.

Curried Chickpea Salad $12 (V)

Vegan curry mayo, minced chana, celery, red onion.

Lunch Thali $19 (GF)

Butter chicken, chana masala, daal, dalvada or pakora, rice and tomato chutney.

Lunch portions available from dinner menu V($16) Chicken ($17) Beef ($18) Lamb ($19)

Served in thali, includes choice of side.



Entrees do not include sides or chutneys with exception of biryani.

*VEGAN option available on request.

**available with Paneer, Mixed Veg or Chana - NOT Vegan

Vegan $16

Dal Makhni (V*, GF) - Aromatic, creamy black lentil and kidney bean curry

Baigan Bharta (V, GF) - Smoky, luxurious eggplant puree

Aloo Gobi (V, GF) - Fragrant potato, cauliflower and pea medley

Chana Masala (V, GF) - Chickpeas slow cooked in a spiced onion and tomato gravy


Selection of Curries

Available mild, medium or hot.

Mixed Veg or Chickpea (V*) $16, Paneer or Chicken $17

Beef $18 Lamb $19


Vindaloo - Originating in Goa India. Tangy, spicy tomato and onion gravy (GF) 

Kashmiri - From Kashmir, Northen India. Mild yellow curry sauce with almonds and raisins (GF)

Korma* -Bengali, South Asia. Nut-free, coconut based, mild yellow curry sauce (GF)

Jalfrezi - Bengali. Stir fried dry curry. Fenugreek and fennel, with sautéed peppers and onions (GF)

Rogan Josh**-From Kashmir. Onion, tomato, yogurt and fenugreek gravy, finished with ghee.

Saag - Popular throughout India. Mix of sautéed greens with fenugreek and cardamom (GF)

Biryani* - Popular throughout India. Aromatic saffron and masala rice with choice of protein. (GF)

Butter Chicken** - New Delhi India. Creamy tomato and onion sauce with cardamom, cinnamon, star anise and fennel (GF)



Plain Basmati Rice (V, GF) $3

Jeera rice (V, GF) $4

Biryani rice (V, GF) $5

Fries (V, GF) $5

Paratha (V, ) $1

Pappadum (V, GF) $1

Roti (Plain or Garlic) (V) $2

Plain Naan *V ( $2.50

Garlic Naan *V $3


Pistachio Ice Cream $6

Gulab Jamun $6

Rice Pudding (V) $8

Ras Malai $7

Date Pudding served with french vanilla ice cream $8

Chutneys/ Sauces

Cilantro Coconut Chutney (V, GF) $1

Tomato Chutney (V, GF) $1

Apple Chutney (V, GF) $1

Tamarind Chutney (V, GF) $1

Garlic Sauce (V, GF) $1

Raita (GF) $2

Curry Remoulade (GF) $2


**ask about our seasonal options**

Combo for 1

Vegetarian $25 Meat $28

Choice of Vegetable Pakora 2pcs, Dal Vada 2pcs, Small Soup or Samosa 1pc.

Choice of 1 Entrée, Choice of 1 side and chutney or sauce and Choice of dessert.

Meat Combo for 2 $60


Choice of Two Appetizers

(Vegetable Pakoras 3pcs, Dal Vada 3pcs

Samosa 1pc, or Large Soup)

Choice of Two Entrees

One Veg or Chicken

One Chicken, Beef or Lamb

Choice of Two Sides

Plain, Biryani or Jeera Rice or Pappadum 2pcs or

Paratha 3pcs or

One Roti or One Naan.

Choice of two Desserts

Rice pudding, Gulab Jamun, Rasmalai or

Date Pudding

Vegetable Combo for 2 $55

Choice of Two Appetizers

(Vegetable Pakoras 3pcs or Dal Vada 3pcs

Samosa 1pc) or Large Soup

Choice of Two Entrees


Choice of Two Sides

Plain, Biryani or Jeera Rice or Pappadum 2pcs or

Paratha 3pcs or

One Roti or One Naan

Choice of Desserts

Rice pudding, Gulab Jamun, Rasmalai

or Date pudding

Choice of 2 sauces or chutney

LOCAL CRAFT BEERS TALL BOYS $7  (6 Pack to go $30)

Old Dog Brewery DOG DAYS summer ale 4.6% alc/vol

Burnt River Brewing SAW CUT Pilsner 4.9% abv

Publican House SQUARE NAIL Pale Ale 5.5% abv

Publican House LIGHT LAGER 4% abv

Boshkung Brewing 35 & 118 CREAM ALE 4.9% abv

Fenelon Falls Brewing Company EAST COAST IPA 5% abv




6oz, 9oz, Bottle

Lindemans Pinot Grigio ($8, 11, 28)

Strewn Chardonnay ($9, 12, 32)

PKNT Cab Sav ($8, 11, 28)

Inniskillin Pinot Noir ($9.25, 12.25) 33)

Non Alcoholic

Masala Chai $3.50

Iced Masala Chai $4.50

Mango Lassi $4.95

Coffee/Tea $2.50

Iced Tea $2.95

Soft Drinks $2.95

Mango Juice $2.95

Perrier $4.50